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Block 6
* Ars Poetica
by Mimi Wheatwind - Last Updated Mar 24, 2015
Use this guide to learn more about poetry books, journals, genres, websites, internet publications, contests, awards, and much more...
Tags: block 5, block 6, block 7, block 8, colorado, general guide, geographic, publishing, reference, subject guides
* History Day
by Shelley Harper - Last Updated Dec 5, 2014
A resource for teachers and students to use for National History Day research
Tags: block 5, block 6, block 7, colorado, education, general guide, history, teaching
EN 203 All in the Family
by Steve Lawson - Last Updated Feb 28, 2014
Tags: block 6
by McKinley Sielaff - Last Updated Jun 19, 2013
Federal and state
Tags: block 5, block 6, block 7, forms, government, irs, tax, taxes
Thesis Submission Guidelines and Policies
by Lisa Lister - Last Updated Mar 23, 2015
Many departments require a Senior Thesis, Capstone or Final Project as part of graduation requirements. This guide details how to submit these materials to Digital CC, the College's digital repository.
Tags: block 3, block 4, block 5, block 6, block 7, block 8, general guides, thesis