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Block 1
CO100: Introduction to Comparative Literature (FYE)
by Steve Lawson - Last Updated Sep 3, 2013
Block 1 and 2 FYE with Corinne Scheiner.
Tags: 2013, block 1, block 2
EC104: Legal Environment of Business
by McKinley Sielaff - Last Updated Oct 4, 2013
Guide to aid with the U.S. legal system and courts along with the role of law in business and personal decision-making.
Tags: block 1, course guide, economics, legal
EC303: Methods II: Research Methods
by McKinley Sielaff - Last Updated Jun 5, 2014
Examination of methods of analysis commonly used in economics and business. Emphasis on non-experimental and quasi-experimental designs necessitating the use of models. and large sample methods, case studies, surveys, regression and forecasting.
Tags: block 1, block 7, course guide, economics, qualtrics, survey
MU 182-Emotion and Meaning in Music
by Daryll Stevens - Last Updated Oct 31, 2013
Tags: block 1
MU221 Cuban Music
by Daryll Stevens - Last Updated Sep 16, 2013
Study Guide for Cuban Music class
Tags: block 1
SW175 Southwest Studies
by Lisa Lister - Last Updated Sep 10, 2013
Tags: block 1, block 2, southwest studies