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How to Do Library Research From Off-Campus: Home

Tutt Library Online Resources

Before this: 





 Do this:

  1. Create an account with EBL, one of our e-book vendors. 
    • You MUST do this on campus, because we cannot transmit data to this company using a proxy. A proxy comes into play if you use a computer that is not on the CC campus.
    • To make an EBL account, use this link and then click on Create An Account.

  2. Make sure that you have an account in Tutt Library's circulation system. This is what the authentication system uses to ensure that off-campus database users are members of the college.

    • Bring your current Gold Card to the Circulation desk at Tutt.

    • Ask the staff to check your account to ensure that the Tiger number in the database matches the number on your card.

Before you leave think about any local library or museum contacts you have. Talk with them to arrange local access to research materials if possible. See more about this on the "Doing Research from Off Campus" tab.

Museum of Food, Lima Peru

Your off-campus classroom environment can enable or prevent a connection to Tutt Library's online resources. What you will need:

  • A reliable, stable internet connection. Wireless could be less reliable than cabled connections.
  • Enough bandwidth for all of your students to use the internet at once
  • No firewall around the local internet connection. 
    • A class in Peru (right) was not able to access some of our databases, because the local classroom site, an office building, had a firewall around its internet connection. The students' computers could not communicate with the campus computers.



21,000+ Items

  1. Start by using the advanced search the Tutt Library Catalog: Search Tiger 

  2. Type in the title, author, or subject of interest. 
  3. Make locating e-books easier by using the limit by location. Scroll to the bottom of the drop down menu and choose "WWW - E-BOOKS. 
  4. When you have selected a book, click on the title to see the full record.
  5. Click on View Electronic Book
  6. You may see a login screen or a screen asking you to select your college. For EBL, you have to select Colorado College. Then you login with the account settings you established before you left campus.

Online Research Resources

Research Guides 
Tutt librarians have created many guides to aid in research. This is one of them! Try the main research guides page.  Faculty, please feel free to ask your liaison librarian to create a guide specific to your course.

Library Databases

Subject Encyclopedias/Reference 
Subject Guides will suggest discipline specific reference sources. Otherwise here is a sampling of our general reference encyclopedias,

Streaming Media
The library provides 24/7 listening and viewing through our streaming audio and video databases. 

General Databases

Contacting Tutt Research Librarians 


Research Desk: 719-389-6662 
Text-A-Question: 719-387-5441 

Find Your Librarian! The research librarians are subject specialists and serve specific academic departments. Find out which librarian you could talk to about your subject of interest. .

Scheduler - Use our online scheduling software to set up a meeting with your librarian. For those off campus, the librarians can use Canvas Conference or Skype to have a face-to-face conversation.

Chat For when your need a real conversation in real time.

Texting For when you have a question with a short and sweet answer. (We will text you the answer.)

Research Guides In depth help on specific topics.

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