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McKinley Sielaff, Social Sciences Librarian: Home

Besides seeing me at the reference desk and in instruction sessions, I am liaison to the Economics and Business, and the Political Science departments. I also manage the Federal Depository Library Collection.

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About what I do

I help with research questions at the reference desk, in my office and in course instruction.

I manage the Federal Depository Library Program, a collection of materials in all formats and types (tangible and online) from the Government Printing Office. 

I support the Economic and Business Department, the Polictical Science Department and the North American Studies.

In that capacity, I build the collection by ordering materials (books, films, subscriptions to databases and journals, etc) and analyzing databases and journal subscriptions.

I provide instruction for courses and research support. This may be a 15 minute overview or a set of instruciton sessions discussing research resources (from the internet and search engines to subscription databases to specific tools such as Qualtrics (for surveys) or RefWorks (for citation management).

Other stuff I do...


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Table Talk Facilitator, CLAC Summit, 5/2008.

2006-2008 IMLS Grant – Government Information for the 21st Century

  • Member of the Grant Planning Committee and of the Gi21 Planning Committee
  • Module developer
  • Gi21 Trainer: Adam State University Workshop, 5/2008, Federal Depository Library Program Spring Conference, 4/2008, CliC Spring Workshop, 4/2008, IMLS Training, 6/2007, Boulder.

2007 Academic Technology Incubator Program, Colorado College.

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  • Recipient with K. Mrozek, 2007.

OSS is SSO: Open Source Software is Super Stuff Online” presented at the Colorado Association of Libraries Conference, 11/2006, Denver; and revised for the TSAD Spring Workshop, 5/2007, Denver.

“Keeping up without Overloading” presented at the Five State Conference, 8/2006.

“Information Literacy and Writing Across the Curriculum: Synergies for Student Learning” presented with R. Satterwhite and K. Mrozek, CAL, 11/2005.

Creator, “Constitution Day” poster, CAL, 11/2005.

“FDLP Desktop Tools” presented at the Government Publications Interest Workshop, Wyoming State Library, 5/2005.

 2004 Mellon Foundation Grant, Associated Colleges of the Midwest,

  • “Focusing on Assignments.” Joint In-house publication with Cornell e College.
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Creator, “READ-DOCS” poster, CAL, 10/2004.

Creator, “PR in Academic Libraries” poster, CAL, 10/2004.

“Elections and Voting Resources,” Government Publications Interest Workshop, University of Wyoming, 5/2004.

Creator with G. Gregory and R. Satterwhite, “Library Lunch and Learn: a PR and Information Literacy Success” poster, CAL, 10/2003.

Creator with CC librarians, “Using Faculty Interviews to Define Desired Student Information Literacy Competencies” poster, CAL, 10/2003.

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