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HY200 Topics in History: World War I: Get Started

Call Numbers for History

Books on the same topic often have similar call numbers.

General History
DA-DR Europe
DS Asia
DT Africa
DU Oceania
E11-975 United States
Latin America

    For a complete list of call numbers for history, check out the Library of Congress Classification Outline

    Find Historical Dates, People, and Places


    World History: Hyperhistory is a good resource with over 3000 files covering 3000 years. Search by people, events, map, culture, politics and more!

    Time Saver: Get Background Information

    Reference books provide overviews that will help you put topics -- and the historians writing about them -- into context. The resources are a great way to

    • Brainstorm ideas
    • Narrow an existing topic
    • Glean keywords for catalog and database searches
    • Leverage bibliographies for the next stage of your research

    The call numbers for history start with the letter D and end at F3799.

    Find these Reference Resources in Tutt Library

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