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Thesis Submission Guidelines and Policies: Converting a Word file to PDF/A


How do I convert a Word file into a PDF/A?

The "A" in PDF/A stands for "Archival."  Saving your thesis file as a PDF/A imbeds important font and formatting information, so that the file will look the same when opened, even in the distant future.

PC Users: Converting a Word file to a PDF/A only takes a few steps. Follow the instructions here.

Mac Users: Converting a Word file to a PDF/A is not as easy as it is on a PC, but you do have a few options. Follow the instructions here. PLEASE NOTE: there are no working shortcuts for this pain-in-the-neck process. You must use one of the methods in our links above. Nothing else will work -- even if it seems like it should. 

Digital Scholarship and Repository Librarian