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EC 329: Business Organization and Management: Articles: Access

This guide will focus on Evidence-Based Management research and practices.

Access Journals

You may retrieve journal articles immediately if Tutt Library has access to them.  OR you may need to request them via Interlibrary loan.

Find Journals by Title

See if Tutt Library subscribes to a journal by searching
Find Journals.

If the title you're looking for is available online in one of the databases we subscribe to, you'll be able to search within it to find articles. 


Journal Finder Example

Search for the journal : Journal of Islamic Studies results in the following record with multiple entries.
Note the two red arrows that point to full text access.

Use Citation Linket to Find Journal Articless

See if Tutt Library has full text access to an article by searching
Citation Linker.

If you have a full citation, check to see if Tutt Library has access to it and go directly to it online by using this form. 


Citation Linker Form

Fill out the appropriate boxes in the form using the citation you have.  You will need the name of author(s), title of the articles, title of the journal, and so on.

Find the Full Text

Tutt Link checks to see if the article is available

1) in another Tutt database
2) in print (request)
3) through Interlibrary Loan 


Tutt Link FAQs

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

For no full text access for an article, use Interlibrary Loan.

Most articles
via ILL
arrive in 24 hours.

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