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Tutt Library Research Guides


EC 329: Business Organization and Management: Advanced Techniques in Special Databases

This guide will focus on Evidence-Based Management research and practices.

Use advanced techniques in EconLit:

  Find Review/Survey Articles

 Step A:

 Use the JEL subject classification system
  and the EconLit Thesaurus to identify subject terms.
 Use them to perform searches in EconLit.

 Step B:

 Use the Index of Journal Titles in EconLit to perform a search for

  Journal of Economic Perspectives
  Journal of Economic Literature.


 Step C:

 Use the History search in EconLit to combine searches.


 Step D:

 Browse the results for relevant review/survey articles.

Searching PsycInfo

PsycInfo also has Classifcaion Codes that can help you limit your search. However using the Methodology field is better suited to EB searches.

Step A:

You can type in several keywords that will enable PsycINFO to find and retrieve articles that are informed by high-quality evidence.
See the following example of keywords:

  • generalized anxiety
  • AND
  • treatment*
  • AND
  • randomized clinical trial* OR clinical trial*

PsycINFO will then search for studies based on a randomized clinical trial, or a clinical trial, the "gold standards" of evidence-based research.

Step B:

You can also limit your search to a methodology, and select treatment outcome/clinical trial as shown below:

Screenshot of some of PscyINFO's Methodology options. The box next to 'Treatment Outcome/Clinical Trial' is checked.