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EC 329: Business Organization and Management: Sources: Databases & Books

This guide will focus on Evidence-Based Management research and practices.


Additional Recommended Databases

PsycINFO & PubMed are both excellent sources for articles that report on randomized clinical trials, clinical trials, meta-analyses, and other forms of evidence.

Note: PubMed focuses on health and medical articles.

1969 - current. Covers over 400 economics periodicals.

Management Literature - Books

There are lots of management however they can be difficult to classify as definitively evidence-based. 
Look at who is the publisher - are they published by a scholarly publisher or university press? 
Has the author published other evidence-based articles?
Who is the target audience - beginner, intermediate or expert?
What type(s) of evidence is/are pre-dominantly used in the book?
  • Practitioner judgement and expertise (practitioner evidence)
  • Evidence from a local context| (situational evidence)
  • Critical appraisal of the best available research evidence
  • Perspectives from people affected by the decision (groupevidence’)

Scholarly "Handbooks"

They collect literature reviews, seminal research, or new approaches. Usually they provide brief overviews of a specific topic. They can include bibliographies.

Oxford Handbooks Online

There is a Business and Management module. Each handbook explains the key issues, the classic and contemporary debates on those issues, and sets the agenda for how those debates might evolve. The handbooks offer authoritative and trustworthy guides to the scholarship in these disciplines.