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EC 329: Business Organization and Management: Artilces: Scholarly

This guide will focus on Evidence-Based Management research and practices.

Peer-review / Scholarly Publications

Peer review: the "evaluation of scientific, academic, or professional work by others working in the same field." 
Peer-reviewed articles or books in the field of management research are ones that have passed a test that judges the accuracy and validity of their findings.

Refereed journals: another term for peer-reviewed journals

Scholarly research: publications by scholars that have been peer-reviewed

How do I access these types of resources?

Find articles in the databases listed under the tab "Sources: Databases & Books" tab in this guide

Find books in the library catalog, or in Prospector.
    - You can also access book citations on Google Scholar.

Schoraly Articles Checklist

Scholarly Articles have:

  • Bibliography, footnotes, or endnotes. This provides evidence of the research that was conducted to produce the article.
  • Written by expert(s) in the field. Usually there is information that describes the author’s credentials and current position.
  • Published by Associations, Research Institutes, University Presses.
  • “Peer reviewed.” Refers to the policy of experts in the field examining journal articles before acceptance for publication.
  • Written in the jargon of the field for scholarly readers (professors, researchers or students.)
  • Illustrations that support the text, such as tables of statistics, graphs, maps, or photographs

What is Peer Review?