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EC110 Decision Making: Authority

A behavioral psychology and behavioral economics look at how people make decisions.

Credibility and Authority

Curriculum Vitae (CV) vs. a Resume

The difference lies in the content and purpose.

CVs include information on one’s academic background:
  • teaching experience,
  • degrees,
  • research,
  • awards,
  • publications,
  • presentations,
  • other achievements

A resume provides a summary of

  • education,
  • work history,
  • credentials,
  • other accomplishments
  • skills
  • optional sections such as an objective and career summary
CVs are multiple pages (much longer than resumes).
And include more information, particularly related to academic background.
Resumes are typically one page.
And are very consise.
Used primarily when applying for international, academic,
education, scientific, medical or research positions or when applying for fellowships or grants.
Resumes are requested in job applications.

Tracking CVs

For More Information about an Author

Look at the information provided by the journal with the article
Look at the institution where the particular professor works
Look at profiles for professional organizations

Find a CV or Resume

Search online for common file types: Word doc, PDF or txt file

filetype:doc | filetype:pdf | filetype:txt

Browse online for words in the title and url

intitle:resume OR inurl:resume

Search Google Scholar

Eliminating False Positive Results

Boolean NOT operator, which is the minus sign,
ex: -”resume service” -“resume writers” -“resume writing” 


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