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EC110 Decision Making: Using Journals

A behavioral psychology and behavioral economics look at how people make decisions.

Backword and Forward Citaitons

Bibliographies along with footnotes, in-line citations and endnotes are valuable in conducting research.

  • search for the citations using Citation Linker and  Find Journals
  • search who has cited the article since it has been published
    • narrow in on articles that have cited the original artilce since it was published

Using this citation from your class readings,

  1. Find one of its references
  2. Find who has cited it

Epley, N., & Gilovich, T. (2006). The anchoring-and-adjustment heuristic: Why the adjustments are insufficient. Psychological science17(4), 311-318.

Reading Abstracts

Checking out aspects of search results is an effective and skillful part of research. 

Look at the information provided to you to help you determine if this is a good resource.

Using this citation:

Inbar, Y., & Gilovich, T. (2011). Angry (or disgusted), but adjusting? The effect of specific emotions on adjustment from self-generated anchors. Social Psychological and Personality Science2(6), 563-569.

Look at the information given, note

date of publication, length, author, journal, subjects, abstract, content (tables, charts, photos, etc.)

Citations, Citations and more Citations

How is the article impacting the field of knowledge?

How many citations do it have? Knowing the impact of research is important; the number of citations can provide insight in to the article's reach and significance.

Tversky, A., & Kahneman, D. (1974). Heuristics and biases: Judgement under uncertainty. Science185, 1124-1130.


(one of the most-cited articles, mentioned in the Kahneman book).  It is also a place where Google Scholar gets things wrong – this has 40,000+ citations, but Google Scholar has the wrong journal listed in the citations.

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