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RS200 Russia: Language, Literature, and Film: Find Books

RS200 Russia: Language, Literature, and Film

Looking for an Author?

If you want to find works by an author, perform an AUTHOR search in the Tiger catalog.  This will bring up anything he has created (writings, artwork, film, etc).

If you want to find out about an aunthor, use a SUBJECT search. 

For both of these searches, use this order-last name, first name:

Pushkin, Aleksandr Sergeevich

Useful Subject Headings

Try these Library of Congress Subject Headings to aid in your searches:

Russian Language

Russian Literature

Motion Pictures, Russia

Socialist Realism in Literature


Subject Headings often employ subheadings to help narrow your search:

Motion pictures -- Russia -- History -- 20th century

Russian literature -- 20th century -- political aspects.  



Browsing the Shelves

For shelf-browsing, the relevant call number ranges are:

P1 - P1091 for Philology and Linguistics
PN1-PN6970 for Literary History and Literary Theory
PG1 - PG585 for General Slavic Philology

General Russian Literature History and Criticism:
PG2900 - PG3026 for General Russian Literature History and Criticism
PG3041 - PG3065 for Russian Poetry History and Criticism
PG3071 - PG3089 for Russian Drama History and Criticism
PG3091 - PG3099 for Russian Prose History and Criticism
PG3100 - PG3155 for Folk Literature

PG3199 - PG3205 for General Collections
PG3211 - PG3219 for Collections of Translations
PG3230 - PG3238 for Poetry Collections
PG3240 - PG3255 for Collections of Dramatic Works
PG3260 - PG3299 for Collections of Prose Works

Works by and about Individual Authors
PG3300 - PG3308 for Works by and about Individual Authors up to 1700
PG3220 - PG3447 for Works by and about Individual Authors 1800-1970
PG3450 - PG3470 for Works by and about Individual Authors 1870-1917
PG3475 - PG3476 for Works by and about Individual Authors 1917-1960
PG3477 - PG3490 for Works by and about Individual Authors 1961-2000
PG3491 - PG3493 for Works by and about Individual Authors 2001-
PG3312 for Works by and about Derzhavin
PG3314 for Works by and about Karamzin
PG3316 for Works by and about Lomonosov
PG3318 for Works by and about Sumarokov
PG3325 - PG3328 for Works by and about Dostoevsky
PG3332 - PG3335 for Works by and about Gogol'

PG3337                for Works by and about Lermontov
PG3340 - PG3359 for Works by and about Pushkin
PG3365 - PG3417 for Works by and about L.N. Tolstoy
PG3420 - PG34445 for Works by and about Turgenev
PG3452 for Works by and about Leonid Andreev
PG3455 - PG3458 for Works by and about Chekhov
PG3462 - PG3465 for Works by and about Gorky

PG3488                for Works by and about Sorokin

Works About Russian Films

PN1993.5 R8-PN1993.5-R9

Works about Russian Film Makers

PN1998.3-alphabetically, by last name of maker.




Search Tips

When searching TIGER, Prospector, and WorldCat, try to

  • Use broad keywords from your class reading to begin your search.
  • Refine your searches by adding keywords.
  • Click on the subject headings of interesting books to find similar materials and more search terms.
  • Try the Library of Congress Authorities and Vocabularies thesaurus to find variations of keywords and subject headings.

Think Broadly. Remember to think broadly when searching for books - that is, to realize that your specific topic will probably be treated in books that cover a broader subject.


Once you find a book relevant to your topic, use the subject headings in the record to help you find more sources.


Keyword searches generally cast a broader net, with more results: 


Keyword Searching

Keyword Search Rules for the Library Catalog and Databases

Using AND/OR/NOT (Boolean Search Operators)


Use AND to focus search and combine different aspects of your topic.

Example: vegetarianism and environment


Use OR to expand your search and find synonyms/related terms.

Example: global warming or climate change


Use NOT to exclude a word or phrase from your search

Example: emissions trading not United States


Additional Search Tips

"Phrase search"  - Use quotation marks" " to search for a particular phrase.

Example: "greenhouse gas emissions"

Truncation * - Use an asterisk to find variations of a word. Put an asterisk following the root of the word to find all variations of that word, including singular and plural.

Example: environment* (finds environments, environmental, environmentalist, etc.)

(Grouping/Nesting Keywords) - Use parentheses ( ) as a way to group all your search terms together.

Example: (climate change or global warming) and population growth

Use the Search Generator from Northwest Missouri State University to help you create a keyword search. 

Search Strategies

Goal How To Example
find a phrase Place quotation marks around a group of words "secondary education"
broaden a
Use an asterisk (*) at theend of a word to search for variations of a word at one time
educat* searches for educate, educating, education, etc.
search for
AND searches for items that contain both keywords educat* AND teach* retrieves documents that have both words
OR searches for items that have at least one of the keywords educat* OR teach* pulls items with either word
stop a keyword
from showing
up in results
NOT excludes items with a specific keyword educat* NOT secondary means that any items with the word Europe will not show up in the search results
look for words near one another
use "near" in between keywords educat* near secondary 

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