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RS200 Russia: Language, Literature, and Film: Finding Films

RS200 Russia: Language, Literature, and Film

Hot Tips!

Just looking for a video (DVD, etc)?

  • Select AUDIO/VIDEO from the drop down box for searching.


Use an AUTHOR search to find sound/video recordings of composers and performers.

  • REMEMBER! You must use Last Name, First Name when conducting an AUTHOR search!

Finding Russian Films

To find Russian films, you may search the Tiger catalog several ways:

  • Go here and select the Russian language filter.
  • Perform a Subject search, using the term Motion pictures, Russian
    • A Subject is like a tag—librarians use them just like we do in social media--to bring like things/people together.  The previous tag pulls up some of our Russian films collection.

It seems old school, but the term  "motion pictures" is preferred over "film" as a subject in the Tiger catalog. But, if you change your type of search to a Keyword search, as in, Film* Russia*  (asterisks allow for an expansion of root words-Film* will pick up films, filming, etc.) you will see several results.

How do you know how what terms can be used as subjects?

You don’t, really (without a lot of nerdy librarian education)---unless your subject is a person.  Use this format: Last name, first name, e.g. Tolstoy, Leo.   Here you'll find a list of subjects that are narrowed by the use of additional terms.  Check out  Tolstoy, Leo, graf, 1828-1910 -- Criticism and interpretation.

Topical subjects are best found by finding a useful book, chapter, item, etc.. that you may find in your browse list.  I found the item below in a browse list, and clicked on the title to open up a "record":

The Cinema of Russia and the Former Soviet Union / edited by Birgit Beumers.  Near the bottom of this record, I find subjects, that are linked to other records with the identical tag.  Click on these subjects to broaden or narrow your search.

Of course, you may also search for specific films by title, author, director, using a variety of searches.


Films 24/7! Streamed video....

We offer access to two streamed video services.

  • Films on Demand may have some titles. Try searching by film names, directors, authors.

Search Tips

When searching TIGER, Prospector, and WorldCat, try to

  • Use broad keywords from your class reading to begin your search.
  • Refine your searches by adding keywords.
  • Click on the subject headings of interesting sound/video recordings to find similar materials and more search terms.
  • Try the Library of Congress Authorities and Vocabularies thesaurus to find variations of keywords and subject headings.

Think Broadly. Remember to think broadly when searching for books - that is, to realize that your specific topic will probably be treated in books that cover a broader subject.

Once you find some sources relevant to your topic, use the subject headings to help you find more materials

Generally speaking, a Keyword Search will yield more results:

Search Examples:

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Finding videos: Tiger, Prospector and WorldCat

You have access to videos from three sources -- TIGER, Prospector, and WorldCat:

  • TIGER includes all of the recordings owned by campus libraries
  • Prospector gives you access to media in over 50 regional libraries
  • WorldCat lists library holdings nationwide

Delivery Times

  • Prospector: 3-5 business days
  • WorldCat (Interlibrary Loan): 5-10 business days
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