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MU217 Music Education

Begin with these tools....

M1000-1473               Large Ensemble Scores

     M1101-M1141      String Orchestra Scores
     M1200-M1269      Band Music Scores
ML3830-ML3838 music psychology
MT1 theory of musical instruction and study
MT6 general music theory
MT10-MT11 teacher’s manuals
MT20-MT34 special methods of education
     MT22      Jacques-Dalcroze
     MT23      Kodaly
     MT26      Orff
MT35 ear training
MT73 Band Instrumentation
MT85 Conducting
MT170-MT801 technique books (by instrument)
MT898-MT949 techniques for children
NX arts in general
     NX180 arts in relation to other subjects
     NX220 arts audiences
     NX230 citizen participation in the arts
     NX280-NX282       study and teaching, research
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