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U.S. Civil War 1861-1865: For Class Visit 2-24-17

Tutt Library Research Databases

1 African American Newspapers  

Dates of Coverage 
From Accessible Archives 

2 American Civil War Coverage: 1848 - 1897. 100,000+ pages of diaries, letters and memoirs by 2000+ authors. Includes many previously unpublished manuscripts. Organized for detailed browsing and searching. Some materials are cross-searchable under Social and Cultural History.
3 Civil War Collection An essential set of newspapers and personal narratives, as well as other resources. From Accessible Archives.
4 Civil War in Words and Deeds Coverage: 1861-early 20th century. Regimental histories and personal narratives of the Civil War compiled in the postwar era through the early 20th century. Part of Archives Unbound.
5 Civil War Primary Source Documents Diaries, letters, and other manuscript materials pertaining to the Civil War. These primary sources are digitized from originals, frequently written in cursive. From the New York Historical Society.
6 Colorado Historic Newspaper Collection Coverage: 1859 - Search over 90 historic Colorado newspapers from 49 cities and 36 counties throughout the state, published in English, German, Spanish, or Swedish. The database includes digital versions of newspapers found on microfilm at the Colorado Historical Society's Stephen H. Hart Library that were published between 1859 and 1928. New material is usually added once a month. Some issues of the Colorado Springs Gazette are included.
7 Confederate Newspapers Coverage: 1858-1866. Digitized Confederate papers from the Western Reserve Historical Society. Part of Archives Unbound.
8 (Frank) Leslie's Weekly Frank Leslie’s Weekly, later often known as Leslie’s Weekly, actually began life as Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper. Founded in 1855 and continued until 1922, it was an American illustrated literary and news publication. These weekly papers were large quarto in size, about 12″ by 16″, and each consisted of sixteen pages to the issue. They followed a tested and proven formula of carefully combining elements of war, politics, art, science, travel and exploration, literature and the fine arts in each issue, enhanced with between 16 and 32 illustrations. From Accessible Archives. 
9 Godey's Lady's Book Intended to entertain, inform and educate the women of America. In 1836 Sarah Josepha Hale (1788-1879) became the editor of Godey’s Lady’s Book.Her editorial principles regarding social inequalities and the education of American women made her one of the most important editors of her time. The magazine is considered to be among the most important resources of 19th-Century American life and culture.
10 Harpers Weekly An index and the electronically reproduced and enhanced pages of Harper's weekly. Consists of the pages of Harper's weekly, scanned as images, together with a series of controlled-vocabulary indexes, which are interactively linked.
11 Newspapers from Specific Locales
12 In the First Person Coverage: mostly 19th and 20th century. Find primary-source, first person accounts such as oral histories, diaries, etc. Indexes Alexander Street databases (via CC subscription) and material freely available on the Web.
13 (The) Liberator The Liberator was a weekly abolitionist newspaper published by William Lloyd Garrison from 1831 to 1865.
14 National Anti-Slavery Standard The National Anti-Slavery Standard was the official weekly newspaper of the American Anti-Slavery Society, an abolitionist group founded in 1833. With perhaps the exception of William Lloyd Garrison’s Liberator, also published by the Society, the Standard was the most influential voice for abolition leading up to the Civil War.
15 Nineteenth-Century U.S. Newspapers Coverage: 1800's. Provides access to approximately 1.7 million pages of primary source newspaper content from the 19th century, featuring full-text content and images from numerous newspapers from a range of urban and rural regions throughout the U.S. From Gale Infotrac.
16 North American Women's Letters and Diaries Coverage: 1675 - 2002. 150,000+ pages of diaries and letters from over 1,300 women, supplemented with biographies and bibliographies. Browse and search by detailed factors like author, race, occupation, age at first childbirth, year written, and geographical setting. Cross-searchable under Social and Cultural History.
17 ProQuest Historical Newspapers Coverage: 1800's - Provides complete, full-image access to historical articles from the Atlanta Constitution, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times from 1881 and the New York Times from 1851
18 Social and Cultural History: Letters and Diaries Online Coverage: 1558 - 2005. Cross-searchable collection of databases containing letters, diaries, oral histories, memoirs and autobiographies. The focus is on personal narratives written or published in North America. Offers advanced browsing and searching of date, place, author/speaker, interviewer, event, subject and more.

Some Resources You May Need

Selected Civil War Encyclopedias - look for them in the Reference Collection in basement of Tutt South


Civil War biographies from the western waters : 980 Confederate and Union naval and military personnel, contractors, politicians, officials, steamboat pilots and others Myron J. Smith, Jr 



The world of the Civil War : a daily life encyclopedia Lisa Tendrich Frank, editor  



American Civil War : the definitive encyclopedia and document collection Dr. Spencer C. Tucker, editor ; James Arnold and Roberta Wiener, documents editors ; Dr. Paul G. Pierpaoli Jr., associate editor ; Dr. David Coffey, assistant editor  



Revolts, protests, demonstrations, and rebellions in American history : an encyclopedia Steven L. Danver, editor  



The Civil War era and Reconstruction : an encyclopedia of social, political, cultural, and economic history Mary Ellen Snodgrass  



Every day of the Civil War : a chronological encyclopedia Bud Hannings  



Women in the American Civil War Lisa Tendrich Frank, editor  



Encyclopedia of the underground railroad J. Blaine Hudson  



Women during the Civil War : an encyclopedia Judith E. Harper ; foreword by Elizabeth D. Leonard  



The Civil War and Reconstruction : a student companion William L. Barney  



War and American popular culture : a historical encyclopedia edited by M. Paul Holsinger  




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