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MU221 Demystifying Afro-Brazilian Musics & Cultures: Find Recordings/videos

Hot Tips!

Just looking for a sound recording or video (DVD, etc)?

  • Select AUDIO/VIDEO from the drop down box for searching.


Use an AUTHOR search to find sound/video recordings of composers and performers.

  • REMEMBER! You must use Last Name, First Name when conducting an AUTHOR search

Use a KEYWORD or SUBJECT search to find recordings of many of dance/music types you're studying--Capoeira, Candomblé, Samba, etc.

You'll also find some CDs and DVDs using the following SUBJECT searches (your results page will often present you with additional SUBJECT searches!); you can link to recorded materials:





Music 24/7! Streamed Audio...and Video!

The Music Library provides streamed audio, available 24/7:

Streamed audio databases, purchased by the college, are available for all CC users on- and off-campus. These include American Song, Classical Music Library, Contemporary World Music, Jazz Music Library, Popular Music, and Smithsonian Global Sound.

  • Search all of these databases at once through Music Online.
  • Try a search on "Brazilian Music."
  • Check under BROWSE on the left-hand side to see how you can limit your search in various ways!


Check out what videos are available through Kanopy, an on-demand streaming video service. See results for Capoeira and Brazil music. Try other searches.


Find Recordings/Videos: Library Catalog, Prospector, and WorldCat

You have access to recordings  from three sources -- the Catalog, Prospector, and WorldCat:

  • Catalog: includes all of the recordings owned by campus libraries
  • Prospector gives you access to media in 22 regional libraries
  • WorldCat lists library holdings nationwide

Delivery Times

  • Prospector: 3-5 business days
  • WorldCat (Interlibrary Loan): 5-10 business days

Search Tips

When searching the Catalog, Prospector, and WorldCat, try to

  • Use broad keywords from your class reading to begin your search.
  • Refine your searches by adding keywords.
  • Click on the subject headings of interesting sound/video recordings to find similar materials and more search terms.
  • Try the Library of Congress Authorities and Vocabularies thesaurus to find variations of keywords and subject headings.

Think Broadly. Remember to think broadly when searching for books - that is, to realize that your specific topic will probably be treated in books that cover a broader subject.

Once you find a recording relevant to your topic, use the subject headings to help you find more.

Search Examples (limited to Audio/Video drop down box):

Music Librarian

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Daryll Stevens
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Internet Sources

A source for many types of music.  You can search by various musics (INT'L, in this case) and search by specific form/genre under LATIN AMERICA. You'll find information about recordings and artists.