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GS222 Special Topics: Our Daily Bread - Food Journalism & American Food Movements: Interviewing & Food Reporting

Essential Questions

When you leave this class, you will know something or will have thought critically about these essential questions:

How does journalism function in a democracy and in what way can journalism about food enable a more informed and participatory democracy?

• Which social, political and environmental issues intersect with food issues and how can a journalist make these connections clear to a reader?

• How can the journalistic principles of objectivity, truth and a process of verification be used to help us understand food and its relation to culture and society?

• What is the concept of truth and why is it important in considering food and culture?


2-1-1 Local Services Database
Journalist's Resource
Ithica College Library Intro to Journalism Research Guide
Dart Center for Journalism & Trauma
Global Safety Principles & Practices for Freelance Journalists
Pew Research Center on Journalism & Media
Columbia Journalism Review (open-source)
Poynter Institute 

Food Journalism Videos

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