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EC110 Topics of Environmental Law: Statutes and Laws

Federal - Statutes (Public Law)

Bills that have become law are called Public Laws and can be found the U.S. Statutes at Large, in the sequential order that they were signed into law

Bills and Legislation

Congressional Bills and Resolutions

United States Code (USC)

- is the law "as amended" or assigned to the appropriate subject areas defined in the 50 titles of the US Code.

Resources For Colorado State

Colorado Revised Statutes

  • Lexix-Nexis Academic Universe - Use State Statutes and Regulations under Search by Content Type

Laws Passed at the Session of the General Assembly of the State of Colorado

  • 1879-1971 in Special Collections

Code of Colorado Regulations 

  • Administrative rules passed by Colorado state agencies


Colorado Economic Reports - Forecasts by calendar year from 2000+

Lexix-Nexis legal search - publications and legal materials
    (in library and CC users only)

Federal and Colordo State Codes

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