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AN242 Antropology of Food in Peru: Useful Web Sites

Scholarly Sources on the Web

  • Latin American Network Information Center (LANIC)
    From the Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies and the Benson Latin American Collection at The University of Texas at Austin
    • "LANIC's editorially reviewed directories contain over 10,000 unique URLs, one of the largest guides for Latin American content on the Internet." 

  • The Latin American Periodicals Tables of Contents database (LAPTOC) "provides access to the tables of contents of journals published in Latin America and the Caribbean. LAPTOC consists of 975 academic and research journals published in 29 countries in the region, including bibliographic references to more than 340,000 articles in the area’s major languages.  Most of the articles indexed in LAPTOC were published between 1994 and 2009." Also known as the Latin America Research Resources Project at the Vanderbilt UniversityLibrary.

  • World Food Habits Bibliography 
    Professor Robert Dirks of Illinois State University compiled this comprehensive list of resources for the anthropological study of food and culture.

Non-Scholarly Information about Peruvian Food

Non-Scholarly Websites about Food in General

  • Nutrition Country Profiles 
    Summaries of nutritional status in countries around the world from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

  • The four sources above came from the libguide "FN 228 Food Culture" by James S. Koga at Cal Poly Pomona
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