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Ebola: Relief Efforts & Organizations

News, articles and videos on Ebola.

Non-Governmental Aid Organizations

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), also known as private voluntary organizations (PVOs), provide approximately 20% of all external health aid to developing countries. Most of these organizations are quite small; many are church-affiliated. In the very poorest countries, hospitals and clinics run by missionary societies are especially important.

Ebola Education Efforts

Gwen Ifill interviews Dr. Estrella Lasry of Doctors Without Borders about factors, including fear and hostility, that are hindering efforts to stop the outbreak. (Published on Jul 28, 2014)

A Moment of Hope (& Relief...)

In the area for Ebola-confirmed patients in the Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Case Management Center in Foya, Liberia, roughly two-thirds of patients don’t survive the Ebola virus. The patients receiving treatment gather on wooden benches and plastic chairs if they have the strength. Other patients can only lie in bed while their immune systems try to fight the deadly virus in their bodies.  Mamadee, 11 years old, is different.

Global Relief Organizations

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