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Ebola: Multimedia/Video

News, articles and videos on Ebola.

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TED X: David Quammen on Zoonotic Diseases

Quammen is a Yale graduate and former Rhodes Scholar, and the author of fifteen books. He wrote a column, called "Natural Acts" for Outside magazine for fifteen years. His articles have also appeared in National Geographic, Harper's, Rolling Stone, the New York Times Book Review and other periodicals. In 2013, Quammen's book Spillover was shortlisted for the PEN/E. O. Wilson Literary Science Writing Award.  In this TED X talk, David Quammen talks about new emerging diseases—such as Ebola, SARS, bird flu, AIDS—and where they emerge from: wildlife. Most are caused by viruses. The [zoonotic] phenomenon, when such a virus passes from wild animals into people, is called spillover. Two factors account for the increasing risk of spillovers that may lead to pandemics: disruption (of diverse ecosystems) and connectivity (of the global human population).

PBS Frontline 2014 - Ebola Outbreak

About Doctors Without Borders/ Medecins Sans Frontieres

This video offers a complete overview of the activities, philosophy and structure of the international humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders/ Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) [Approximately 6 minutes]

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