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Ebola: Articles

News, articles and videos on Ebola.

Top 10 cited articles on Ebola

From Web of Science, as of 10/10/2014.

  1. Jones, Kate E.Patel, Nikkita G.Levy, Marc A.Storeygard, AdamBalk, DeborahGittleman,John L.Daszak, Peter. "Global Trends in Emerging Infectious Diseases." Nature 451, no. 7181 (02/21, 2008): 990-993.

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  3. Martin-Serrano, Juan, Trinity Zang, and Paul D. Bieniasz. "HIV-1 and Ebola Virus Encode Small Peptide Motifs that Recruit Tsg101 to Sites of Particle Assembly to Facilitate Egress." Nature Medicine 7, no. 12 (12, 2001): 1313.

  4. Sullivan, Nancy J., Anthony Sanchez, Pierre E. Rollin, Zhi-yong Yang, and Gary J. Nabel. "Development of a Preventive Vaccine for Ebola Virus Infection in Primates." Nature 408, no. 6812 (11/30, 2000): 605-609.

  5. Leroy, Eric M.Kumulungui, BricePourrut, XavierRouquet, PierreHassanin, AlexandreYaba, PhilippeDélicat, AndréPaweska, Janusz T.Gonzalez,Jean-PaulSwanepoel, Robert. "Fruit Bats as Reservoirs of Ebola Virus." Nature 438, no. 7068 (12, 2005): 575-576.

  6. Borio, L., T. Inglesby, C. J. Peters, A. L. Schmaljohn, J. M. Hughes, P. B. Jahrling, T. Ksiazek, et al. "Hemorrhagic Fever Viruses as Biological Weapons: Medical and Public Health Management." Jama 287, no. 18 (May 8, 2002): 2391-2405. [Consult print on 2nd floor of Tutt Library]

  7. Alvarez, CP, F. Lasala, J. Carrillo, O. Muniz, AL Corbi, and R. Delgado. "C-Type Lectins DC-SIGN and L-SIGN Mediate Cellular Entry by Ebola Virus in Cis and in Trans." Journal of Virology 76, no. 13 (JUL, 2002): 6841-6844.

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  10. Chandran, Kartik, Nancy J. Sullivan, Ute Felbor, Sean P. Whelan, and James M. Cunningham. "Endosomal Proteolysis of the Ebola Virus Glycoprotein is Necessary for Infection." Science 308, no. 5728, Women's Health (Jun. 10, 2005): 1643-1645.

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