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Library Resources for CC Employees: Digital CC

What is Open Access?

Materials in the Digitial Archives are freely available on the Internet in the spirit of open access, which allows others to read, download, distribute, print, search and link to materials, or use them for other lawful, noncommercial purpose.

You retain the copyright for your own work.

Our Origins

The Digital Archives of Colorado College is part of a collaborative initiative with the Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries.  Member libraries contribute their individual content to the Alliance Digital Repository, who provides technical expertise for the ongoing development of the project on behalf of all participating libraries. 

Each institution has its own portal and retains its own identity.  This partnership allows for the shared purchase of software, storage space, programmers, and robust backup mechanisms.  Without this collaborative relationship, costs to develop and maintain this important initiative would be prohibitive.




The Digital Archives of Colorado College is long-term, web-accessible repository that organizes, preserves and makes available the creative, scholarly and institutional work of the faculty, staff and students of Colorado College. 

A link to the Digital Archives is located on the Library's homepage and here:

The Digital Archives of Colorado College

Examples of Content

  • Working papers, conference papers and technical reports

  • Published articles when copyright and/or license allow

  • Honors projects, capstones, theses

  • Award winning papers from students

  • Journals published by the Colorado College community

  • Faculty course-related output primarily of scholarly interest

  • Organizational or departmental  annual reports and newsletters

  • Strategic college documents, committee reports and studies