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Sustainability: Top ten cited articles

Top 10 cited articles in Sustainability

Top 10 cited articles with topic "Sustainability" in Web of Science on 3/2/2016. [Sustainability in the environmental sense].

  1. Biodiesel from microalgae. Chisti, Yusuf. BIOTECHNOLOGY ADVANCES   Volume: 25   Issue: 3   Pages: 294-306   Published: MAY-JUN 2007. Times Cited: 2,744
  2. Mechanisms of salinity tolerance. Munns, Rana; Tester, Mark. ANNUAL REVIEW OF PLANT BIOLOGY.   Book Series: Annual Review of Plant Biology   Volume: 59   Pages: 651-681   Published: 2008. Times Cited: 1,965
  3. Agricultural sustainability and intensive production practices. Tilman, D; Cassman, KG; Matson, PA; et al. NATURE.   Volume: 418   Issue: 6898   Pages: 671-677   Published: AUG 8 2002. Times Cited: 1,515
  4. Food Security: The Challenge of Feeding 9 Billion People. Godfray, H. Charles J.; Beddington, John R.; Crute, Ian R.; et al. SCIENCE.   Volume: 327   Issue: 5967   Pages: 812-818   Published: FEB 12 2010. Times Cited: 1,187
  5. Productivity and sustainability influenced by biodiversity in grassland ecosystems. Tilman, D; Wedin, D; Knops, J. NATURE   Volume: 379   Issue: 6567   Pages: 718-720   Published: FEB 22 1996. Times Cited: 1,159
  6. Towards sustainability in world fisheries. Pauly, D; Christensen, V; Guenette, S; et al. NATURE.   Volume: 418   Issue: 6898   Pages: 689-695   Published: AUG 8 2002. Times Cited: 1,158
  7. Adaptive governance of social-ecological systems. By: Folke, C; Hahn, T; Olsson, P; et al. ANNUAL REVIEW OF ENVIRONMENT AND RESOURCES.   Book Series: Annual Review of Environment and Resources   Volume: 30   Pages: 441-473   Published: 2005. Times Cited: 1,105
  8. Biofibres, biodegradable polymers and biocomposites: An overview. Mohanty, AK; Misra, M; Hinrichsen, G. MACROMOLECULAR MATERIALS AND ENGINEERING.   Volume: 276   Issue: 3-4   Pages: 1-24   Published: MAR 2000. Times Cited: 1,088.
  9. Landscape perspectives on agricultural intensification and biodiversity - ecosystem service management. By: Tscharntke, T; Klein, AM; Kruess, A; et al. ECOLOGY LETTERS.   Volume: 8   Issue: 8   Pages: 857-874   Published: AUG 2005.  Times Cited: 1,078
  10. The struggle to govern the commons. Dietz, T; Ostrom, E; Stern, PC. SCIENCE   Volume: 302   Issue: 5652   Pages: 1907-1912   Published: DEC 12 2003. Times Cited: 987
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