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FG228 Human Sexual Behavior: LGBTQ Info, Issues, & Resources

A Feminist and Gender Studies interdisciplinary approach to sexuality

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Research Guide for LGBTQ Studies and Research

This page will help you get started, seeking information on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer LGBTQ topics and issues.  Due to the interdisciplinary nature of this field, it would be impossible to include all scholarship and information that is available.  The LGBTQ Information, Issues, & Resources guide also serves as a starting point for topics and information to consider.  

* Special Thanks to Research Librarians Ellen Bosman (New Mexico State University) and Roger Myers (Maryville College) for many of the resources included in this guide! *

The Rainbow Flag

A symbol of the the gay and lesbian movement, San Francisco artist Gilbert Baker designed the first rainbow flag for his city's June 25, 1978, Gay Freedom Day Parade.  The orginal flag had eight stripes but was redesigned in 1979.  Today, the six colors represent the following:

  • Red = Life
  • Orange = Healing
  • Yellow - Sun or Sunlight
  • Green = Serenity
  • Blue = Harmony
  • Violet = Spirit

Today, the rainbow flag is a feature of gay pride celebrations around the world, and many lesbians and gay men fly it at their homes.  It has been recognized by the International Congress of Flag Makers.

from Completely Queer:  The Gay and Lesbian Encyclopedia

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