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HY200 Topics in History: World War II: Internet

Image Collections

These image collections cover World War II and the years immediately following, to document both the war and its aftermath in Hawaii and the Pacific. All are scanned from physical images held by the Pacific Collection or the University of Hawaii Archives. The image above is a poster from the War In the Pacific digital collection (see link below).


Freely Available Primary Sources, Mostly English Translations

Finding too many broken links? Try inputting a link into the Wayback Machine and specifying an older date; you may find what you were looking for.

World War II : Available Academic Resources

Digitized E-books

These websites contain millions of digitized books, some of which may be primary sources or English translations of sources. There is some overlap between the websites but each one has unique content.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar can be used to find primary sources. Click on the arrow to the right of the search box to open the Advanced Scholar Search window.

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