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HY283 Topics in History: Jews in America: Jewish Women

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Jewish Women United

Image from the Jewish Historical Society of the Upper Midwest

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Contemporary Women's Issues

Covers more than 150 magazines and journals covering global women's issues, including human rights, violence and exploitation, discrimination, women in politics, the workplace, education, legal status, lifestyles, gender issues, health and reproductive rights, and other aspects of women's studies. Features articles selected from newsletters, journals, proceedings, instructional pamphlets, reports, the alternative press, legislative actions, personal narratives, and book and media reviews.

Gender Watch

GenderWatch is a full-text collection of over 140 international journals, magazines, newsletters, regional publications, special reports and conference proceedings devoted to women's studies and gender issues. The database provides in-depth coverage of family, childbirth, birth control, daycare, domestic abuse, work and the workplace, sexual harassment, aging, aging parents, body image, eating disorders and social and societal roles. It also includes content on the impact of gender and gender roles on areas such as: the arts, popular culture and media, business and work, crime and criminology, education, research and scholarship, family, health care and medicine, politics, policy and legislation, pornography, religion, sex and sexuality, sports, and leisure.

The JPS Guide to Jewish Women: 600 BCE to 1900 CE

A history and celebration of Jewish women through the centuries. This is an indispensable resource about the role of Jewish women from post-biblical times to the twentieth century.

Nashim: A Journal of Jewish Women's Studies & Gender Issues

Cofounded in 1998 by the Hadassah-Brandeis Institute at Brandeis University and the Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem, Nashim: A Journal of Jewish Women's Studies & Gender Issues provides an international, interdisciplinary academic forum the only one of its kind for the innovative work being done in the many areas of research that comprise the field of Jewish women's and gender studies.

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