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FG308 Advanced Topics in Feminism & Gender Studies: Black Feminist Thought: Feminism in Germany


#Aufschrei : Germany & the Rising Wave of Feminism Online

Anne Wizorek : Personal Democracy Forum 2013, held June 6 and 7 at New York University, was organized around a central theme: "Think Bigger." We've chosen it in part to honor our late friend Aaron Swartz. In a conversation with PDM co-founder Micah Sifry, he asked, "Why not harness the power of the Internet to work on the larger-scale problems?" Why not, indeed. So the 2013 Forum convened practitioners, academics and close observers of the way people are applying technology to difficult issues from election reform to public health.

Elizabeth's Endurance

This is an interview with Elizabeth Adekunle, co-founder of the African Women and Youth Organization e.V. (AWYO) in Berlin Germany. Elizabeth started her non-profit, community advocacy project in 2006 to assist African women access family services in areas of education, legal advice and intercultural communication challenges. She has worked tirelessly as a community activist to support Africans in the diaspora throughout Germany.

Germany: Barbie Dreamhouse sees the wrath of Berlin's feminists

Protesters incensed by Barbie took the streets of Berlin in response to the opening and launch of the city's own Barbie Dreamhouse - a life size replica of doll's fictional Malibu home. The marketing company EMS, who advertised the attraction, say it "provides a completely new insight into the living interior and lifestyle of the most famous doll in the world."  The demonstrators operating under the Occupy-Barbie slogan say the doll figure is not a suitable role model for young girls, branding it "sexist" and finding her body shape unrealistic. The doll, if life-size, would have almost half the waist size of the average woman.

BLACK WOMAN-HOOD Femoco AfroFuturism...

CURATOR: Adetoun Küppers-Adebisi Schwarze Deutsche Frauen African Woman African Diaspora AfroGerman Feminism Racism Sexism THE TEN COMMANDMENTS OF AFROFUTURISM - Exhibition @ Heinrich Boell Stiftung Berlin #femoco13 KAMERA Farah Melter AFROTAK TV cyberNomads Production 2013 Feminismen of Color

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