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HY399 Studying History: Tracking Citations

Use the Cite Feature

Many databases have a "cite button" that will give you citation information. 

EbscoHost Databases:


Web of Science/Knowledge

Web of Science 

It contains 3 Scholarly Citation Indexes:

  • Science (1900-present)
  • Social Sciences (1900-present)
  • Arts & Humanities (1975-present)

Use this database to find influential articles and track citation usage.
It also brings an article up to date - what articles have used it since it was published.

Recommended for advanced users.

A Citation Map with forward and backward views. Source: Web of Knowledge (Thomson Reuters)

Leverage Footnotes and Bibliographies

Footnotes and bibliographies
     ... are a quick way to find related materials and track authors.

Two components:

1. what was cited in the orginal article
2. find out who has cited an article since it was published


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