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Tutt Library Research Guides


Federal Government Databases and Search Engines: Search Engines

Specialized Government Search Engines

Browse topics - topical gateway

“Start here”

Use Google search platform and limit to ““ and other related domains such as .mil

USA.Gov – topical links from the federal government, local and tribal governments and foreign nations

Gov – comprehensive directory of Official Federal, State, and Local Government and Court links

SearchGov – searches: keyword, and listing of Federal agencies and states; excludes “.mil”

INFOMINE – selected searchable scholarly internet resources


Library of Congress – search library catalog and a whole lot more

Military – index of U.S. military Internet sites; only “.mil”

Militaray Quick Portal - for key topics grouped by subject

Science and Research – links for the sciences, from USA.Gov

NTIS Database – search for information on over 750,000 government research products from 1990+

Office of Sientific and Technical Information  - science informiation

Further Research

Check the Databases Tab.

Also use the TIGER catalog for most publications in the Tutt Library colletion and use the print indexes for older paper documents.

Dead/defunct Websites

CyberCemetery – “permanent public access to the electronic web sites and publications of defunct US government agencies and commissions”

Memory Hole – 300+ rescued Congressional Research Service Reports that were pulled from the Web – fact-filled reports on current and hot issues

Wayback Machine – Internet archive – useful but is hit or miss

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