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Federal Government Databases and Search Engines: Guides and Resources

Non-government sites with gov info


Some individual awards exist, but the majority of government grants are awarded to eligible nonprofit organizations. The following are some sites and publications that are helpful in seeking government funding.

Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance - searchable databases of >1,000 discretionary grant programs of 26 federal agencies

More Specific Grants

National Endowment for the Arts - apply, manage or see a list of recipients

National Endowment for the Humanities- apply, manage, get news or see the projects

FEDIX - Federal Information Exchange On-line provides customized, electronic announcements about grants from 12 federal agencies

MOLIS - Minority On-Line Information Service

First-Gov for Nonprofits - Grants, Loans, and Other Assistance; Management and Operations;and Tax Information

National Science Foundation - and the Funding page

Important documents


National Atlas of the United States

  • Interactive maps providing sections on elevation and terrain, exotic species maps, animated vegetation growth 
  • Map layers can be downloaded from the USGS free 
  • Maps have zoom function that allows users to examine over 2 million entries closely.

U.S. Census Bureau Maps and Cartographic Resources

  • Maps and services from the U.S. Bureau of the Census.

U.S. Gazetteer

  • Look up places in the United States by name or zip code, then get a detailed map or census data.

See also Map Libguide

Science searches over 50 databases and over 2100 selected websites from 14 federal agencies

Information Bridge  access to over 200,000 full-text documents and bibliographic citations of Department of Energy research report literature, moslty from 1991 forward, legacy documents are added as they become available in electronic format; includes DOE Green Energy

Energy Citations Database covers the AEC from 1948 to 1974, the ERDA from 1974 to 1976 and the DOE from 1977 to the present (from 1976, the focus of ECD expanded to include all forms of energy and non-report literature was limited to that generated by DOE activity)

Related Guides

See the Early American Libguide (below) for primary doucments at Tutt Library and online for:
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