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EN 280 Blues Poetics: TIGER

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Login to TIGER to see what you have checked out or to renew materials.

Browsing the Shelves

Once you find a good book or score in the stacks, browse the shelves for similar items. BROWSE THE SHELVES!--You'll find sources you weren't expecting!

Libraries shelve like topics together; browsing will help you find something surprisingly useful that you may not have noticed in the Tiger catalog. Try the following call number ranges in both libraries (althought Tutt is your best bet):

  • ML102 .J3 Jazz Bio-bibliographies
  • ML3508-9 Popular music. You'll find books about jazz in this area.
  • ML419 Biographies of jazz performers are located here, A-Z, by last if you're looking for Dexter Gordon, check in ML419 under the Gs.
  • MT68-Search in this area to find sources for learning how to play jazz.
  • MT-Jazz, Anaylsis and appreciation of musical works.

For a complete list of call numbers for music books and scores check out M is for Music!


The fastest way to find books is to search TIGER by keyword or subject:

Search TIGER for
  • Use broad keywords from your class reading to begin your search.
  • Refine searches by adding keywords.
  • Once you find an interesting book, click on the subject headings in the cataloging record to find similar materials.


  • Every person (composer, performer, lyricist) is a SUBJECT. If you want to find out about a composer, etc., do a SUBJECT search. Use Last Name, First Name.
  • By contrast, if you want to find works by a jazz musician , do an AUTHOR search in the Tiger catalog.  This will bring up anything she has created (scores, recordings, writings, etc).

For more ideas on creating effective TIGER searches, use the Advanced Search page.

TIGER Search Tips

Search Goal How To Example
find a phrase

Place quotation marks around a group of words

"secondary education"
broaden a
Use an asterisk (*) at the
end of a word to search for variations of a word
at one time

educat*  searches for educate, educating, education, etc.


search for
AND searches for items that contain both keywords


OR searches for items that have at least one of the keywords

educat* AND secondary retrieves documents that have both words


educat* OR secondary pulls items with either word

stop a keyword
from showing
up in results
NOT excludes items with a specific keyword

educat* NOT secondary means that any items with the word secondary will not show up in the search results

look for words near one
use "near" in between keywords
educat* "near" secondary 

Music Librarian

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