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Elections & Voting: Electorial College

overview of materials and databases available at Tutt Library and online.

US Process

(National Archives) Guide to the Electoral College
  -What exactly is the Electoral College?
  -Who are the Electors and how did they vote in the last election? 

U.S . Electoral College- historic from 1789-2000: candidates, electoral & popular votes, notes (NARA)

'Vote: the Machinery of Democracy' - looks at the history & variety of voting methods in the U.S.: the voice vote, "party ticket" (paper ballots listing candidates from just one party), Australian ballot, voting equipment, voting reforms of the early 1900s, etc.(NMAH,SI)

To Assure Pride and Confidence in the Electoral Process - report from the National Commission on Federal Election Reform

Elections the American Way - Library of Congress learning page

Electorial College SchoolHouse Rock

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