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Elections & Voting: Statistics Online

overview of materials and databases available at Tutt Library and online.



  • looks at American political parties
  • presidential inaugurations, images of presidents & first ladies
  • political cartoons by Oliphant & Block
  • 1877 Electoral Commission created
     -to resolve the disputed presidential election of 1876
  • 19th & 24th amendments
    - ending the poll tax & giving women the right to vote
  • Nixon-Kennedy debates

Getting the Message Out!
National Political Campaign Materials, 1840-1860

  • presidential campaigns and campaign biographies

Historic Party Platforms, (1840-2000)

  • parties receiving electoral votes

A New Nation Votes: American Election Returns

  • provides state, county and city election results
    for federal, state, and local officials, 1787-1825.
  • Search by combinations of states, candidates, office titles, and dates.


Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections

  • detailed information on national results for the major and minor candidates for U.S. President
  • presidential elections from 1789-
  • includes state results beginning with the 1896 elections

Election Information

  • official vote counts for federal elections
  • from states and territories
  • 1920 to the present
  • statistics of state by state election results
  • numbers of Senators and Representatives from each congress

Federal Election Commission

  • financial information about candidates, parties and PACs
  • materials on campaign finance law, political contributions
  • statistics on elections and voting
  • voter registration forms
  • for federal campaigns and party finances

Voting America, United States Politics, 1840-2008

  • cinematic and interactive maps and analysis
  • Presidential elections in the US from 1840-2008

Voting Data from the Census



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