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Tutt Library Research Guides


Elections & Voting: Websites

overview of materials and databases available at Tutt Library and online.

Campaign and Elections

From non-partisan organizations:


Election Organizations

American National Election Studies
  • (University of Michigan) a survey research center which produces results similar to the Gallup Poll’s from studies on the American electorate in presidential and midterm election years and pilot studies in odd-numbered years.
Campaign Legal Center
  • is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization which focuses on campaign finance and elections, political communication and government ethics offering analyzes of issues and representing the public interest in administrative, legislative and legal proceedings.
Commission on Presidential Debates
Campaign Finance Institute
  • (George Washington University) a non-partisan, non-profit institute  for research, education, and recommendations for policy change in the field of campaign finance.

Government Sources

Federal Election Commission Campaign Guide: Corporations and Labor Organizations
  • This Guide summarizes the federal campaign finance laws applicable to corporations, labor organizations and their separate segregated funds as of January 2017. For updated information, please consult the monthly Record supplements to this Guide.


FEC Enforcement Query System
  • all FEC enforcement cases closed since 1999
Matter Under Review Archive, 1975-1998
  • Searchable database of publicly released FEC enforcement cases from 1975-1998

Funding & Money - a non-partisan, research group which tracks money in politics and its effect on elections and campaign finances; use the Donor Lookup database to find out who has contributed to candidates. (Center for Responsive Politics)

Unfluence - a web program that generates interactive network maps of state level political contribution data

Follow the Money offers close-to-home data and information on the power of influence (National Institute on Money in state Politic)

Campaign Finance Data - Financial disclosure reports from Presidential and Congressional campaigns, political parties, and PACs.

Search the Colorado Campaign Finance Database for local candidate financial disclosures.


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