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Early Government Documents: Indexes

Publications from the Tutt Collection along with links to core documents.

Where to Look

Use the following indexes and the TIGER catlaog (not all documents are cataloged) to locate these materials.

 Most of the publications at Tutt Library for this time period are congressional documents and located in Documents Enclosed Area. Please ask at the reference desk or the documents office for help in retrieving the documents wanted. For each item, be sure to note

  • the EXACT TITLE, DEPARTMENT (e.g., Agriculture, Forest Service),
  • or type of Congressional Document with CONGRESS, SESSION, and SERIAL SET NUMBER (e.g., House Executive Document, 57TH Congress, 1ST Session, 5102), * and CALL NUMBER.

All indexes are located in the Map Room on the east wall unless otherwise noted

For CC users only use the A-Z database list for Congressional Universe - it contains indexing and some full-text for Congressional Indexes, 1789 - 1969.

Early U.S. Government Documents, 1789-

CIS US Serial Set Index, 1789-1897

  • Congressional documents which include annual reports by Cabinet Secretaries, etc..
  • Arranged in four time periods, 3 vols. each, by broad subject headings.

Use the first two subject vols. in each group to look for your topic. Each citation includes the Serial Set volume number (e.g., H.exdoc.256 (41-2) 1425 = House Executive Document number 256, 41st Congress, 2nd session; Serial Set number 1425).

CIS US Serial Set Index: Part XIV, Index and Carto-Bibliography of Maps, 1789-1969

  • Comprehensive index for the approximately 50,000 maps contained in the Serial Set (Congressional publications).
  • Major U.S. government sponsored surveys of the American West occurred in the 1800's, as well as maps of the Civil War.
  • There are also maps of areas outside the U.S. in which we had interests: South America, Japan, Antarctic, Philippines, and other parts of the world.
  • Durng the 20th century, the Serial Set holds maps of soils in every county. There are also maps produced during the Great Depression, World War II, and maps documenting energy production, water resources, farm resources and transportation.

CIS Index to U.S. Executive Branch Documents, 1789-1909

  • 4 parts each with a subject index to the executive departments
  • Includes a listing of documents by SuDoc call number, a title index, and a Reference Bibliography.

Use the subject index to search for your topic in the most likely departments. At the end of each entry you will find a Reference Bibliography number (e.g., T104a-41.14). Look up this number in the Reference Bibliography that is in the last volume of the part you are using. There you will find the SuDoc call number for the item you want.

Other Udesful Indexes

A Descriptive Catalog of the Government Publications of the U.S., 1774-1881, Poore, Benjamin P., 1 vol.

  • Chronologically with a name and subject index.
  • Gives no serial set volume numbers or SuDoc call numbers. Use with the Checklist (below) to locate Serial Set numbers.
  • Use with the title listing for each department in the CIS Index to U.S. Executive Branch Documents, 1789-1909, or the Cumulative Title Index to United States Public Documents, 1789-1976, or the departmental listing of documents in the Checklist to find the SuDoc call number.

Online for CC users at A-Z database list for Poole's Plus: Government Documents Indices - include: U.S. patents, 1790-1873; U.S. government publications, 1774-1881; British House of Commons and House of Lords, 1803-1830. U.S. government publications, 1774-1881; British House of Commons and House of Lords, 1803-1830

Checklist of U.S. Public Documents, 1789-1910, 1 vol.

  • Chronological list of congressional publications including the Serial Set volume number in which they appear.
  • Also has a list of departmental publications by department and bureau including the SuDoc call number.

Documents Catalog. Catalogue of the Public Documents of the 53rd-76th Congress and of All Departments of the Government of the U.S. for the period from March 4, 1893 to Dec. 31, 1940

  • Arranged in order by subject.
  • Includes departmental and congressional documents.
  • Also includes the Serial Set volume number for congressional documents (four digit number in bold type), which is neededl to locate the document in the Serial Set.

Cumulative Title Index to United States Public Documents, 1789-1976
(GP 3.812:1-16)

  • Exact title index. Includes SuDoc numbers.

Index to U.S. Documents Relating to Foreign Affairs 1828-1861, Hasse, Adelaide

  • An index to Congressional documents regarding foreign affairs.
  • Includes Serial Set documents, Congressional Globe, Senate Executive Journal, Opinions of Attorney General, Statutes at Large.
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