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Tutt Library Research Guides


Early Government Documents: SuDocs

Publications from the Tutt Collection along with links to core documents.

What is SuDocs?

Superintendent of Documents Classification

… is a classification system used for materials printed by the federal government
… groups together publications by the same governmental agency or department

Note – this is a different system than is used for other materials at Tutt Library!


How does it work?

- Basic Explanation (Michigan State University)

- Detail Explanation (Government Printing Office)

- The Manual – an extremely detailed explanation! (Government Printing Office)

Or try this:

both a tutorial & explanation (University of Miami)

Do you get it?

- Take a quiz (Michigan State University)

- Shelve some books and find out (Michigan State University)


Need help with citations?

- Uncle Sam’s Citation Examples(University of Memphis)

- Census Bureau Guide to Citing their Internet material