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AH113 Introduction to East Asian Art: Finding Articles

Art criticism and other articles

Gerally speaking, these databaes don't cover the arts of China and Japan, so I doubt you will use them much this block. Still, they may be interesting for looking at art in a wider context.

Best Bets for Asian art

Different approaches for different databases

Different databases are...different!
Bibliography of Asian Studies JSTOR
  • discipline-specific (Asian Studies only)
  • citations only
  • searching limited fields (title/author and subject)
  • search screen encourages logical search (AND/OR)
  • includes citations to books and book chapters 
  • all disciplines
  • all full text
  • searching full text
  • search screen encourages Google-style search
  • only journal articles 
Think about how you might search them differently based on how the databases are made. What makes one more appealing than the other? What are some good points about the one you don't like as much?

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