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Maps: Maps @ Tutt Library

what is at Tutt Library along with some online sources

DOCS Microfiche and other Formats

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  • Water Resources Activities in name of state 
    - older editions in Docs Stacks, I 19.53/5:
  • Open-File Reports (OF) - see Docs Stacks, Maps , & CD-ROM
    I 19.76:

Indexes & Catalogs

Indexes & Catalogs

(on top of the Docs Map Cases and in Index area)

Topo. 7.5 minute 1:24,000 quad
state indexes
for locating topo quad names
Catalog of Published Maps
(by state)
I 19.41/6-2:
Index to Topo. and Other Map Coverage I 19.41/6-3:
List of Geologic & Water-Supply Reports
& Maps
, various states
I 19.41/7:
National Mapping Program I 19.80:
Geologic Map Indexes for states I 19.86:
Topo. Mapping-Status and Progress
of Operations
I 19.95:
Index to Orthophotoquad Mapping I 19.97:
Index to USGS/DMA 1:50,000 scale,
15 minute Quad Maps
I 19.97/2:
Index to Land Cover Maps & Digital Data (LU) I 19.97/3:
USGS Geologic and Hydrologic Maps (Index) QE77.G84 1994
USGS Special Maps and River Surveys GA405.S72 1989
Publications of the U.S.G.S. 1879- I 19.14:


Topographic Maps

located in the map room, Tutt, 1st floor South for:
  Arizona, California, Colorao, New Mexico, Texas, and Utah
Older versions for Colorado are located in Special Collections.

Topos from the USGS


A guide to reading Topo maps and Topographic Map Symbols

Image result for Topographic Map Symbols

Paper Maps

Folded Maps

(manila envelopes at the end of main collection in South-basement)

These are cataloged in TIGER and use the indexes Guide to USGS Geologic and Hydrologic Maps and Index to land use and land cover information located on west-side cabinets in the map room for additional subject acess

Antarctic Geology A I 19.25/8:A-
Coal Investigations C I 19.85:C-
Geophysical Investigations GP I 19.87:GP-
Geologic Quadrangle Maps GQ I 19.88:GQ-
Hydrologic Investigations HA I 19.89:HA-
Miscellaneous Investigations (see also Map cases) I I 19.91:I-
Land Use and Land Cover L not cataloged
Miscellaneous Field Studies Maps MF I 19.113:MF-
Mineral Investigations Resource Maps MR I 19.90:MR-
Oil and Gas Investigations Charts OC I 19.92:OC-
Oil and Gas Investigations Maps OM I 19.93:OM-



(map cases 1st Flr-South)

National Geographic and other privately published maps G3000-
Topographic 7.5 minute 1:24,000 (AZ, CO, NM, UT, WY) alphabetical by state, then quad name
Topographic 7.5 minute metric 1:25,000 G4360.S25
Color Image Maps 1:25,000 (AZ, NM, TX) I 19.81/3:
USGS/DMA Topographic Series 1:50,000 (AZ, CO, NM, UT, WY) I 19.81/2:
United States 1:100,000 Series (Intermediate Scale) I 19.110:
US Topographic & Satellite Image Maps 1:250,000 I 19.98:
1x2 degree Topographic Maps 1:250,000 metric I 19.98:
Open-File Reports (OF) (see also Docs Microfiche, Docs Stacks, CD-ROMs) I 19.76:
Miscellaneous Investigations (I) (see Folded Maps) I 19.91:
State Map Series: Planimetric, Topographic, & Shaded Relief, various scales (AZ, CO, NM, UT, WY) I 19.102/3, 6, 31, 44, 50:
National Parks and Monuments (see Folded Maps) I 19.106:
Separate Maps of the National Atlas I 19.111/A:
Land Use and Land Cover Associated Maps I 19.112:
Indian Reservation Maps & Atlases (see also Folded Maps) I 20.47:
Interior Dept. Maps of Coastal Areas & Topical I 49.9: GAP
CIA Maps of parts of the World PREX 3.10/4:
Plastic Relief Maps, Colorado & surrounding states shelved at the end of case drawers


MAPS (shelved with main collection)

National Parks (see also map cases) I 19.106:
County Map Series 1:50,000 - CO only I 19.108:
Topographic Maps 1:100,000 metric (mostly Colorado) I 19.110:
Indian Reservation Maps (see also Map cases) I 20.47:
Bureau of Indian Affairs 1:100,000 metric Topo Series I 20.47:
BLM Surface Management Status and Surface Mineral Management Status I 53.11/4:


USGS Publications

Type Docs Enclosed Docs Stacks SuDoc
Bulletins #1-965 #966- I 19.3:
Circulars -- all I 19.4/2:
Monographs #1-55 #56- I 19.9:
Water Supply Papers #31-39 #40- I 19.13:
Professional Papers #1-299 #300- I 19.16:
Water Resources Activities in state - see Microfiche & Maps -- older I 19.53/5:
Open-File Reports (OF) - see Microfiche & Maps CD-ROM -- some I 19.53/5:
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