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Thesis Submission Guidelines and Policies: Home

Many departments require a Senior Thesis, Capstone or Final Project as part of graduation requirements. This guide details how to submit these materials to Digital CC, the College's digital repository.

Why electronically?

  • Digital CC is an institutional repository designed to save your electronic thesis in perpetuity.
  • When submitted to Digital CC, your thesis will be available to link to on resumes and job applications.
  • Making your thesis Open Access on the web shares the creative work of the College with the world.


Your Department Office Assistant

The office assistant in the department of your major knows the submission policy for that department, and can help you with questions about submitting the final copy of your thesis.  If you have additional questions, contact Sarah or Chris.

Electronic Thesis Contact

Sarah Bogard, Digital Innovations Librarian x6875 or email Sarah

Print Thesis/Bindery Contact

Chris Curcio, Accounts & Acquisitions Coordinator x6663 or email Chris

Read this BEFORE you submit to the Digital Archives


 1.     Make sure you have the FINAL version of your thesis.  Your final copy needs to have been approved by your advisor, with all final corrections made. 

 2.   Your thesis should have a title page.  This sample title page illustrates the key elements needed.

 3.   Before saving your file as a PDF/A, make sure that the file name:

  • does not contain any periods other than the extension of .pdf  

  • does not begin with a number

  • does not contain any punctuation in the file name (ex. PaulsThesis not Paul'sThesis)

 4.     Save your thesis as a PDF/A. See the "Converting a Word file to PDF/A" tab above. Please note that the PDF/A format is an archival PDF format and still ends in ".pdf" if you want to confirm your file is PDF/A open the file and a blue line will appear across the top notifying you it is PDF/A.

 5.     Please do not use all caps for your title when entering information for your submission. 

 6.     Have your abstract ready to copy and paste into the form. 

 7.     You will be asked to supply keywords that describe the subject of your thesis.

 8.     If you are submitting a dataset (optional), have your dataset abstract ready to paste into the form, and know the name of the software program you used to create your dataset, such as SPSS 4.7, Excel 2010, etc.

READY TO SUBMIT? Find the correct submission form here

When you submit your thesis electronically to Digital CC, it will be saved in perpetuity in the College's institutional repository, and available on the open web.

To submit your thesis, choose the self-submission form for your department:

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