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Tutt Library Research Guides


E-books at Tutt Library: iPad

Creating an Adobe Digital Editions Account

Adobe Digital Editions is already loaded on library lobby computers and on most computer lab computers. 

1.) Go to this link to setup an Adobe account. Your login information will be used to authenticate software later on.

2.) Download and install Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) to your computer.

3.) As part of the download process for ADE, you will be asked to authorize ADE using your Adobe account.  If you are not prompted you can authorize ADE by clicking on Library then “Authorize Computer” in the drop down menu in ADE.

4.) Now that ADE is active on your computer, when you download an ebook from the Tutt Library catalog it will be saved in ADE.

Adding E-books to your iPad

(Note: Please make sure you have followed the instructions, located on the left, to create an Adobe Digital Editions account first.)

1.) Find the free Bluefire Reader app in the iPad app store and install it on your iPad.

2.) After the installation is complete open the Bluefire Reader app and click on info button on the bottom right side of the screen.

3.) Enter your Adobe account ID to authorize the device.

4.) Connect the USB cable from iPad to computer.  iTunes should automatically detect your device and open with the Devices listed on the left side of the screen.  If iTunes does not open automatically, start iTunes and the device will be listed on the left side of the screen.

5.) Select the iPad in the Devices list.  Then click the Apps tab. 

6.) Scroll down to File Sharing and click on Add.

7.) Go to your My Digital Editions folder (C:\Documents and Settings\ACCOUNTNAME\My Documents\My Digital Editions)

 Select the downloaded e-book you’d like to transfer.  Be sure to select the .pdf file, not the .acsm file.

9.) Click the Sync button in the lower right corner of the iTunes screen.

10.) Open BlueFire reader to find the e-book.

Adding E-books to your Kindle Fire

(Note: Please make sure you have followed the instructions, located on the left, to create an Adobe Digital Editions account first.)

Setting up the Kindle Fire


Using the Kindle Fire’s web browser go to this site: and follow the instructions on the blog posting to download the BlueFire Reader for Android on the Kindle Fire.



Downloading e-books from the Penrose Library Catalog to Adobe Digital Editions

1.) Connect the USB cable from Kindle to the computer. When prompted for a device driver for the Kindle, click cancel. The Kindle screen should read "You can now transfer files from your computer to Kindle."

2.) On your computer, copy the e-book PDF (Kindle's will only work with PDFs) file from your computer, located under "My Documents/My Digital Editions.

3.) Paste the copied book to your Kindle here: E:\Bluefire\imports (where E is the drive letter assigned to your Kindle).

4.) Once the file is copied, push the "Disconnect" button on your Kindle and unplug the USB cable from the Kindle and the computer.

5.) Open the Bluefire Reader app and click Info at the bottom right side of the screen, then scroll down to the Import from SD card section and select Import.

6.) The Bluefire Reader app will verify your e-book loan and the book should then appear in your Bluefire Reader library.

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