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ED311 Educational Psychology: The Science of Learning: Websites

Evaluating Websites

There are times when it makes sense to search the web. Government agencies and non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) publish reports and release data on the web. If you are studying a recent event or phenomenon, the web might be the most current source of information.

Evaluate the author and publisher

  • Who wrote the page?
  • Is the person qualified to write this page? Do they give their credentials?
  • What are their institutional affiliations?
  • Is the web site hosted by a reputable institution or organization? Check the “about” links if you aren’t sure who is publishing the page.

Evaluate the currency, accuracy, objectivity, and tone

  • When was the page created/updated?
  • Can you verify the accuracy of the information in another source?
  • Is there a political or philosophical slant?
  • Is the page really an advertisement or propaganda disguised as an information page?
  • All information has a bias. Make sure this is the opinion you want.

Citing Websites in APA Style

Remember to cite online sources for your bibliography. In most cases you will need the URL and the date you consulted the web page as well as the author, title, date published, and the like.

General format/sequence:

Author. (Date published if available; n.d.--no date-- if not). Title of article. Title of web site . Retrieved date. From URL.


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