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MU 205 Introduction to Jazz: Searching for LP reissues

Sources for your search

From the Library website:

Search WorldCat, using either the basic or advanced search. 

Visit Prospector to search the collections of many Colorado and Wyoming libraries for your recording.  Click on the Prospector link at the bottom of the FIND BOOKS box on the library homepage. 

Find Books

Search TIGER for

Find Music | Find Videos | Advanced Search

For items unavailable in TIGER, try searching Prospector, then WorldCat.

This flavor of Prospector allows you to conduct a search and then refine your results by format (LP, CD, DVD, etc).  Check this version if you can't find your recording...just to be safe. 

NOTE: you probably won't find any mp3 formats in the above collections.  This is because these items cannot be collected and loaned by libraries...what are the consequences for collection and preservation of these musical works, if they are issued in formats that can't be owned?

Searching the internet for LPs:

  •   Search, to see what's available.
  •   Search the term "jazz LP with CD reissues" on your favorite search engine.  You'll find several sites that may be helpful.
  •    Search      
  •   Search the title of you album on your favorite search engine and see what comes up.
  • Try to check for release of your LP and addtional information.


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