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EC115 Legal Environment of Business: Databases

Guide to aid with the U.S. legal system and courts along with the role of law in business and personal decision-making.

Legal Sources

Popular Names

Laws are often referred to by a more general name.

To find laws, acts, ect. use the actual name which can be looked up in these resources:

United States Code (U.S.C)

  • U.S.C.. has popular Name Tables at the end of the general indexes 
  • federal acts are listed alphabetically by their short titles or common names with citations to the appropriate title and section of the Code

Shepard’s Acts and Cases by Popular Name

  • provides references to the common names of both federal and state statutes and cases
  • very comprehensive - often lists several citations to a particular name
  • Reference KF90.S52 
  • links to a popular names tables

Law Reviews

Law reviews are scholarly journals typically published by law schools.

They are secondary sources of legal material used for conducting legal research.

Locating & reading a law review or journal article is usually a great way to begin research on a topic:

  • thorough discussion & analysis of a particular legal issue,
  • footnotes provide citations for the primary sources of law (statutes, cases, etc.) related to the issue.

Nexis Uni - indexes law reviews

Law Review Commons - Over 300 open-access law reviews · Over 220,000 articles · Free current issues & archives from 1852