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HY120 American Past/The West in Time: Atlases, Cartography, & Maps

General Atlases @ Tutt

Atlases & Cartographic Resources @ Tutt Library

MAP Vost (an Introduction)

Let me introduce you to a new bio-optical knowledge recording and dissemination system, responding to the trade name : MAP.  "Map" is an unprecedented technological revolution...

Online Map Websites & Resources (Southwest and U.S.)

Quick Reference

Google Earth

“Combines satellite imagery, maps and the power of Google Search to put the world’s geographic information at your fingertips.”  Need to download Google Earth before using.

Colorado Springs Online Maps

Includes “CityView,” allowing users to view orthophotography maps of Colorado Springs through a dynamic interface. Also, online city maps on a variety of topics, including political boundaries, open space, geohazards, bike trails, police maps and much more.

MapQuest and Google Maps

Maps, driving directions from one address to another, location of businesses.

Historical Atlas of the Twentieth Century

A variety of maps, some interactive, which chart socio-economic trends, systems of government, and cities throughout the 20th Century.

National Atlas of the United States

Interactive maps providing sections on elevation and terrain, exotic species maps, animated vegetation growth and interactive maps. Can download map layers.

U.S. Census Bureau Maps and Cartographic Resources

Maps and services from the U.S. Bureau of the Census.

U.S. Gazetteer

Look up places in the United States by name or zip code, then get a detailed map or census data.

History Databases by Geographic Region

(stock photo Globe Staff Illustration)

Cartography Resources Online

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