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Education: Find Specific Journals

Find Journals through Education Source

If you have an education-related journal title in mind, check to see if it's covered in Education Source. Click on Publications at the top of the screen.

Search for journal titles in the lower search bar (not the top one!)

When you find the journal title you're looking for, click on the title and you'll be taken to the publication screen. You could search just within this publication, or navigate to a specific issue. You can also determine whether the Full Text is in Education Source. IMPORTANT: CC subscribes to many databases outside of EBSCOhost so don't limit yourself -- use the Tutt Link button and see if you're taken to an article on another website.

  TUTT LINK - Find more articles!!


If the publication screen shows "Bibliographic Records" but no "Full Text", Education Source does not have Full Text for the journal. Also note the dates of coverage; often the dates of Bibliographic Records (indexing) will be more expansive than the Full Text coverage. Again, use the Tutt Link button to check for articles in other places!

Search by Source

If you have a specific journal title in mind, you can search it directly by SO, SOurce (journal source).

Find Journals

You can also use the "Find Journals" page to locate specific journal titles. Look for the gray box on the library's home page. This is the public side of the same system (called a "link resolver") that links citations to articles in other databases.

Note the dates of coverage - for example, this journal has older issues in JSTOR and newer ones in Sage.

Follow the link to a database website such as JSTOR or Sage, and look for a "Search within this publication" option.

Here's JSTOR:

Here's Sage: