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Chinese Culture and Language: Help

Chinese Studies Research

Chinese Studies is an exciting, interdisciplinary field, with research tools often spanning many disciplines.

For instance, a research topic dealing with women's liberation in China could reflect a wide variety of viewpoints, depending on the lens through which the researcher has chosen to look. 

Research would be interdisciplinary and therefore, may need to be undertaken in a wide variety of disciplines, such as History, Sociology, Anthropology ...

This guide will help you get started by giving you methods and tips for finding books and articles using Tutt Library's many scholarly resources.

Remember, librarians are information professionals who are here to help you succeed! 
Please make contact be it personally, or sit down and have a one-on-one sesion with the librarian at the Research Desk (located in the library lobby).

We want to help!

No one is born knowing how to use a library for college research. All of us at Tutt Library are ready to help you with your research whether you are a first year student or a tenured professor. 

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