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EC Thesis: Thesis

Examination of methods of analysis commonly used in economics and business. Emphasis on non-experimental and quasi-experimental designs necessitating the use of models. and large sample methods, case studies, surveys, regression and forecasting.

Thesis Set-up

{Question - Data - Method}

First chapters:


- the hook
- interesting representations
    (graph, table)

Literature review,

   - 15-20 articles to get feel for field of study

              Literature Reviews guide (UNC)

Summary statistics

Not finding a thesis?

If you can't locate a thesis you want to look at, please see me.

Not all the thesis from the past few years are yet availabe in the Ditigal Archives or listed in TIGER.

Economic Thesis @ CC

1. 2009 and earlier thesis are located in paper in the Library:

  • Search TIGER: use search terms with "economic thesis" as part of keyword search
  • Browse North basement stacks under "Econ T." 

2. Browse under Department of Economics and Business in the Digital Archives

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