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International and Foreign Governments: Statistics

IGOs, NGOs, Foreign governments



International Data Base (Census Bureau)
- time series data for a variety of demographic indicators
- countries and areas of the world with a population of 5,000 or more

IDB Population Pyramids (Census Bureau)
- graphs that show the distribution of population by age and sex in a particular country

City Populations
- major cities and agglomerations around the world
- also has maps



OFFSTATS - Official Statistics on the Web

UN Statistics Division - Demographic Yearbook and other databases, currency varies for countries, some areas require a subscription

World Factbook

InfoNation - country data and graphs, compare up to 6 countries (United Nations)


CC Users Datatbases

National Banks+

Central Bank Websites

  • data and information
  • by country
  • not all are in English


International Economic Statistics (IES)

  • Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
  • worldwide economic indicators.

European Central Bank

  • statistics,
  • monetary policy


Global Poverty and Equity Indicators - front page with charts and link to databank  (World Bank)

International Economic Statistics - database of individual indicators (such as GDP and CPI) for each country, as well as a detailed description of the data (Fed. Reserve)

International Labour Organization -Statistics Data - statistical data extracts from LABORSTAT - mainly annual time-series

International Labour Organization - see statistics section


Doing Business (World Bank)
-  compare business regulations, data and reports

Macroeconomic Time Series Data Source Locator (University of Chicago)
- historical macroeconomic statistics

FAOSTAT  (United Nations)
- Food and Agriculture Organization

OECD Statistics Variables Index (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development)
- frequently-requested variables

Facts on International Relations and Security Trends  (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute)
- covers military expenditures; arms production & trade;
- memberships, agreements, & events;
- conflicts & peace keeping activities;
- and political system & country indicators

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